And A Child Shall Lead Them

I haven’t posted on the blog for a couple of weeks for a number of reasons. Caring for my mom after knee surgery became my primary focus. But in all honesty, there were instances when I allowed myself to become engulfed in what I had not accomplished this year, instead of being thankful for the tangible and intangible blessings I did nothing to deserve. During those moments when my selective memory served me lemons, I turned them into a snack instead of lemonade. Bad idea!

Our 7-year old daughter noticed I had not been writing. One afternoon, she said, “Mommy, have you been ‘sharing your heart’?” I looked at her, but did not respond. Almost as if she knew the answer, she said, “Listen to this. I wrote something for your blog today.” 

What Matters Most

One day a little boy planted a tree. The tree grew and grew and it sprouted leaves. Leaves were all over the place. Some were big and some were little. Half of the little leaves blew away. Soon there was only one little leaf left. He was scared. 

Fall came and the leaves changed colors. The big leaves were mean and the little leaf was nice. The big leaves made fun of the little leaf because when they were little, big leaves made fun of them too. The little leaf was yellow and the big leaves were orange. The big leaves came to the little leaf and said, “In spring, you were just like us. Why are you so different now?” The little leaf said back, “I wish I was the still same as you but I am not.” The leaves came face to face and the little leaf said, “It does not matter how we look on the outside. What matters most is what’s on the inside.”

She closed her story by asking, “Do you want to be like the big leaves or the little leaf?”

I smiled (proud mommy moment)! Although the story carried many themes, I asked God, “Is there something in particular you want me (and others) to grasp from this story?” His gentle response indicated I was to embrace every theme revealed to me. These are the things I saw as I read Chloe’s story…

  • The little boy did not plant a seed. He planted a tree. How you “see” what you have impacts everything.
  • If you plant it, it will grow. Often when we look at others, we only see growth, increase, expansion. It almost seems automatic. But know…there is always work behind the growth. Effort is required.
  • Hurt people, hurt people. Sometimes we don’t understand why people do what they do, but often it is a result of what they have experienced.
  • Peacefully discussing an issue is more advantageous than acting like an issue does not exist.
  • Learn to be comfortable with who you are.

Now that Chloe and I have shared our hearts with you, it’s your turn. Isaiah 11:6 concludes by saying, “…And a child shall lead them.” As you read the story of our 7-year old daughter, please share, here in the comments or on Facebook, how her story spoke to your heart?



2 thoughts on “And A Child Shall Lead Them

  1. Feliciar November 22, 2016 / 11:30 AM

    Like mother, like daughter!!! Go Chloe!!! I’m so proud of her.


  2. Brenda Weaver November 22, 2016 / 12:29 PM

    Out of the mouth of babes, we learn so much. What I see is a little girl sensitive to the Holy Spirit and using her gifts to express the things God is teaching her. She is not bombarded by all the things on her “to do list” or the worries of this world. She is resting in HIM and not allowing the woes of life to overwhelm her. We all can learn so much from HIM thru her. Thanks for sharing!!!

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